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    Lagniappe Box

    Summer in Louisiana | June Lagniappe Box


    Is it officially summer in Louisiana if you haven’t had a snowball yet? We think not! That’s why your June Lagniappe Box is here to help you kick off your summer in the most Louisiana way possible! Ice cold snowballs and a box full of local goodies that will surely cool you down on those long hot humid days!


    Here’s what’s inside…


    First up, your new SFT “You Had Me At Sneaux Balls” tee! The original “snowball” dates all the way back to the Roman Empire where it was made of (you guessed it!) real snow and syrup. But the snowball we all know and love originated in New Orleans in the 1920s with hand ice-shavers creating the fluffy snow from blocks of ice.

    You Had Me at Sneaux Balls by SFT


    A man by the name of Ernest Hansen began working on an ice-shaving machine in the early 1930s. He invented the first motor-driven ice-shaving machine and took it to the streets of New Orleans in 1936. This is when the famous Hansen’s Sno-Bliz sno-ball was invented.


    Next up, since there’s no place like home in Louisiana, we included a festive summer print by Lane Grigas. “There’s Snow Place Like Cone” is our new summer motto! She’s based out of Hammond, Louisiana and her shop includes everything from photography, drawings and paintings.

    Lane Grigas “There’s Snow Place Like Cone" Note Card


    Going along with our summer snowball theme, we’ve included a Mango Stuffed Sno-Ball Bath Bomb to help you feel refreshed after long hot days! This handmade bath bomb by Crescent City Swoon is made with an intricate balance of mango nectar, wild currant, bergamot tea, island breeze, key lime, passionfruit, papaya and magnolia blooms. Talk about a summer party in your bath tub!! Plus, this bath bomb is stuffed with a surprise hidden color inside that bursts out as the bath bomb dissolves.

    Mango Stuffed Sno-Ball Bath Bomb by Crescent City Swoon


    Since we’re coming out of strawberry season and strawberry just happens to be one of our favorite snowball flavors, we included a little something extra that’s also strawberry flavored. Hanley’s Strawberry Vinaigrette is made right here in Louisiana. Try it on your spinach salad this summer or on a cream cheese log for parties -- it’s amazing!

    Baton Rouge Hanley’s Strawberry Vinaigrette


    And you know what other fruit is huge this summer? Watermelon! Not only is watermelon a summer staple here in Louisiana, but it’s quite the trendy fruit all over! You may have seen it on clothing, accessories and more already this summer. Let’s just say the watermelon is the new pineapple. Thanks to Southern Deaux, based out of Baton Rouge, we’re including a watermelon sugar cookie!

    Southern Deaux, based out of Baton Rouge


    Finally, it’s not a Southern summer without monogrammed everything. BoersmaBags has included an exclusive voucher for a free monogram on their cooler bags (similar to the one photograghed). So whether you’re heading to the ballpark or having a picnic, you can keep your food and supplies feeling cool! 

     Boersma Bags



    We hope you enjoy your June box full of those Louisiana summer vibes! Don’t forget to tag us in all your summer adventures with #LagniappeBox for your chance to win a FREE box!

    June Lagniappe Box Vendors

    You Had Me at Sneaux Balls (retail $28) · SFT 

    Watermelon Sugar Cookie ($3.00) · Southern Deaux 

    Strawberry Vinaigrette ($5.00) · Hanleys Foods 

    Mango Stued Sno-Ball Bath Bomb ($7.95) · Crescent City Swoon 

    There’s Snow Place like Cone Note Card ($3.50) · Lane Grigas Disign and Paint 

    Free Monogram (code: LAGNIAPPE) · BoersmaBags 

    Written by Leslie Presnall with Southern Flair Blog 

    May Lagniappe Box Patriotic Vibes

    Here at SFT, our Louisiana pride runs high, and since you're receiving the latest Lagniappe Box, we have a feeling that yours does too! We all know Louisiana is the best state, but heading into summer time, we not only want to show our love for Louisiana, but our patriotism for the whole US of A.

    May Lagniappe Box

    With Memorial Day in late May and Fourth of July, summer time is full of stars and stripes and red, white and blue -- any way we can show our love for America!

    We wanted to make sure you could show your patriotism and state pride with our May Lagniappe Box and enjoy your locally-made products all summer long.

    To kick off our summer, we've created our new Louisiana tee showcasing our state motto -- "Union Justice Confidence." This motto appears on our state flag, which is also blue like your tee. The blue color signifies both truth and hope, and how Louisiana is true to American ideals. ^ shirt will be available Tuesday, May 9th! 

    Whether you're headed to Bayou Country Superfest Memorial Day weekend, or celebrating Fourth of July in your hometown, you can take your new tee along on all your patriotic adventures across the state.

    To throw some additional patriotic vibes into your look, we've included glitter star earrings by JOcustomdesigns. These little studs are perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any military homecoming! They're handmade in Lake Charles!

    Jo Designs in Lake Charles

    You'll also find a Navy Mom Candle by Riley's Room Candles. This navy candle is popular among families of the Navy to send prayers and well wishes to our sailors. Now, when you light your candle, you'll be able to remember and think of all those who have served for our country.

    (Prayer) May the Lord shine His love on our Navy Sons and Daughters and bless them and guide them each day and may the Lord bless each of us as we burn this candle in our home and in our hearts. If we can entrust them to the One who created them, we can be at peace because we know that He loves each of those Sailors, and we know how much we love and miss them. - Author Unknown

    Riley's Room Candles

    Next up, it's not a Southern patriotic holiday without a cobbler! This Louisiana Fish Fry is made in just minutes. You can add your choice of fresh or canned fruit to the cobbler mix -- and it goes GREAT with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Serve this up at your Fourth of July party to please a hungry Southern crowd.

    Louisiana Fish Fry Cobbler Mix

    Finally, chances are you'll be outside a lot Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July, so we wanted to help you feel refreshed after long days at the lake or after nights spent at firework shows. Phresh (based out of Prairieville) has the perfect Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Butter to do just that!

    Phresh Body Lotion

    We hope you enjoy your patriotic box! Don't forget to tag us in your photos and videos with #LagniappeBox for your chance to win a FREE box!


    May Lagniappe Box:

    Union. Justice. Confidence (retail $28) · SFT ·

    Patriotic Glitter Star Earrings ($8.50) · JOcustomdesigns ·

    Navy Mom Candle ($12) · Rileys Rooms Candle ·

    LOUISIANA Cobbler Mix ($1.84) · Louisiana Fish Fry ·

    Oatmeal Milk & Honey – Body Butter ($12) · Phresh ·

    Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

    In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, April 22, today we are sharing three ways to recycle your Lagniappe Box!

    Our Lagniappe Box is a monthly subscription box that includes a brand new SFT t-shirt and locally-made Louisiana products. And we know you’re most excited about what’s IN the box, but turns out the boxes themselves can be quite handy!

    They’re fairly flat and easy to stack. They’d fit perfectly in a cabinet or on the top shelf of your closet -- without taking up unnecessary space.

    Pro tip: If you have multiple Lagniappe Boxes stacked in your closet or on a shelf, be sure to label them! Then you can easily grab what you need when the time comes.

    So whether you need the extra storage or just need to clear off all that junk mail from your counter tops when friends come over, keep your Lagniappe Boxes on hand each month!

    Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

    1- Store Photos

    We’re all guilty of saying we will one day scrapbook our last vacation or our kid’s third birthday party, but life happens and typically those things get pushed to the backburner. Keep all your photos organized by storing them in a Lagniappe Box. ONE day you will get around to finally scrapbooking all those memories and all your photos will be in one spot!

    Organize important documents - Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

    2- Organize important documents

    We’re in the midst of tax season, and the Lagniappe Box has saved the day when it comes to storing invoices, receipts, and more. Store all your tax documents throughout the year, then you’ll have everything ready to go for the next tax season!


    3- Store crafts

    The Lagniappe Box makes the perfect storage for markers, crayons, colored pencils and whatever else you’ll need to entertain your kids. You can even fit paper in there! And the boxes are small enough that they’re easy to grab and go into the car for a long road trip.

    How do you recycle your Lagniappe Box? Share it with us on Instagram with #LagniappeBox and follow our NEW Lagniappe Box account at @lagniappebox!


    April Lagniappe Box - Your Louisiana Subscription Box

    Louisiana is the festival capital of the world, and we’re bringing you an April Lagniappe Box full of goodies to jump start your festival season! With more than 400 festivals across the state, we know you have one or two (or ten!) on your calendar, so experience festival season your way with these local products!

    While it’s true most of our festivals seem to revolve around food, there’s no doubt that music is what makes the real party happen. And here in Louisiana, we celebrate all types of music with the Baton Rouge Blues Fest, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Natchitoches Jazz and R&B Festival and Lafayette’s Festival International de Louisiane -- just to name a few. From zydeco and blues to jazz and bayou boogie, we love it all! Now, you can wear the sounds of Louisiana festival season in your new SFT “Feel The Music” tee. And you’ve even got a matching koozie to keep your drink cool!

    Feel the Music t-shirt by Shop SFT or Southern Football Tees in Baton Rouge

    To complete your festival look, Kat Noel Designs (based out of Zachary, LA) is offered a special coupon code for our exclusive Lagniappe Box subscribers!

    To top off your look, you’ve got a new S-A-Y stretch headband to keep your hair out of the way while you’re dancin’ the night away. These colorful non-slip headbands are made in New Orleans, and the best part is you can throw your band right in the wash when you’re done!

    S-A-Y Online


    After a long day out festin’, this Essentially Nola Frenchman Street Nourishing Skin Oil will keep you feeling the energy! With a blend of rosewater with tangerine, lime, peppermint and rosemary, you’ll feel alive and ready to fest until the last song of the night.

    Essentially Nola Natural Bath, Body & SkinCare boosted with Essential Oils.

    With the long days in the sun, don’t forget your lip balm! We’ve got you covered with our Nola Soap Ponchatoula Strawberry Clear Lip Balm. Not only does it represent one of our favorite food festivals of the year, but the berry flavor is to die for! It’s made with skin nourishing cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil to make your lips kissably smooth!

    Nolas Soap


    And speaking of food festivals, we’ve got one of those for everything! Gumbo, crawfish, boudin, seafood -- you name it! The Jambalaya Festival isn’t until May, so to hold you over, we’ve packed this Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Jambalaya Mix. This authentic Louisiana dish can be created with minimum time and effort. Serve with garlic-buttered French bread and toss with a salad for a flavorful weeknight meal -- until it’s fest time again on the weekend!

    Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Jambalaya Mix

    We hope you enjoy your festival-ready box! Don’t forget to tag us in all your Louisiana festival adventures this spring with #LagniappeBox for your chance to win a FREE box!

    SFT Spring Time Vibes - Louisiana Subscription Box

    March Lagniappe Box | Louisiana Subscription Box

    Our March Lagniappe box is all about bursts of colors and flavors to bring you some spring time vibes! With the time change ahead and longer warm days in our near future, we couldn’t wait to add more sunshine into your day.

    Adding Louisiana flair to our designs is what we’re all about, so we couldn’t miss a chance to combine our state history with springtime vibes! No one will be takin’ your sunshine away -- even when skies are gray in our newest t-shirt! Our new March tee features lyrics from our official state song “You Are My Sunshine” to bring you those rays of sunshine and state pride any day.

    You Are My Sunshine Graphic T-Shirt by SFT

    Speaking of bursts of sunshine, Emily Hymel with Crave Macarons knew just the right way to to channel our Louisiana spring vibes onto a macaron! With rays of sunshine, state symbols and strawberry lemonade flavors -- it’s a Louisiana spring party in your mouth!

    Crave Macarons for March Lagniappe box


    And if you’re looking for a ray of sunshine in a cup, you’ve come to the right place. Marshmallow root, red clover, echinacea, mint and rooibos are all in this Red Stick Spice Southern Sunshine Green Tea. Steep 3-5 minutes and enjoy on an early cool morning while relaxing on your patio!

    Redstick Spice Southern Sunshine Tea in the March Lagniappe Box

    Next, staying true to Louisiana spring time flavors, we had to tie in even more of our official fruit -- the strawberry. And since Ponchatoula is the strawberry capital of the world, we picked the Swamp Pop Ponchatoula Pop Rouge to capture the essence of our local strawberry season! This soda is made next door in Lafayette with pure Louisiana cane sugar.

    Swamp Pop Ponchatoula Pop Rouge in the March Lagniappe Box


    Finally to bring you fresh scents, we handpicked this Plaquemine Lemon Scent Soap by the Louisiana Sunshine Soap Company. This is a clean, fresh lemony-scented soap with the creamy feel of goat’s milk. The beautiful natural yellow color comes from the addition of turmeric in the soap. The best part is it smells like lemon meringue pie!

    Plaquemine Lemon Scent Soap by the Louisiana Sunshine Soap Company in the March Lagniappe Box

    You can now sign up for the April Box now till Monday, March 20th. Click Here!


    March Lagniappe Box:

    You Are My Sunshine (retail $28) · SFT ·

    Sunshine Macaron ($4) · Crave Macaron ·

    Southern Sunshine Tea ($3.99) · Red Stick Spice ·

    Plaquemine Lemon Soap ($6) · LA Sunshine Soap Co ·

    Ponchatoula Pop Rouge ($2.25) · Swamp Pop ·